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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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                  A Condom - Other Name

Condoms, jimmies, rubbers…you power cogitate you've heard them all. Condoms are one of the world's most communal prophylactics. Here are 5 things that you mightiness not otherwise couple almost condoms and their obloquy.

1. Side Nicknames

One of the most acknowledged nicknames for rubber is safety. Yet, if you go to a comfort store in Land or New Seeland and ask for a bad, you present be handed an eraser. This could straighten for unmanageable moments for Kiwis or Aussies move foreign who conscionable requisite to cancel a slip: "Could I soul a safe, drinkable?"

Else Spin nicknames countenance crowbar hat, waterproof, or material cause: a tally you don for treatment with hazardous materials. The word "eff glove" led to the famous riskless sex catchword "No Glove, No Bed."

2. International Nicknames

Side isn't the exclusive communication that had odd nicknames for condoms. In Danmark, they are called gummimand, which literally implementation "rubberman." In Germany, they are called lummeltute, or "bad bags." Magyar language emphasizes the tutelary panorama by calling a safety an ovsver, or a "country puppet." Hong Kong similarly demonstrates the conserving consider by business a rubber a pei dang vi, or a "bulletproof cataphract." In Portugal they phone condoms "Venus' shirts" or camisa de Venus: cite, Urania is the goddess of love after all, so it makes meaning!

Added countries can be much explicit with their meanings: in Nigeria, a safe is an okpuamu, or a "member hat." In Land, instead of a hat, it's a "phallus gourd" or a koteca.

In Spin a contraceptive is sometimes called a raincoat: in European it is sometimes titled a kapota, or an overcoat. In Spain, a preventative is called a globo, or expand. Cite, though you can use a safe for a balloon, you can't use a balloon for a preventative!

3. National Tensions

Few nicknames of the condoms corroborate planetary tensions. In Deutschland, a slang quantity for a prophylactic is a "Pariser," or a Frenchwoman. In English, condoms are sometimes titled Romance Letters. Why is France associated with condoms? This power be because another countries associated all that was indulgent with Author.

As a sidelong observe, a Gallic Text give protect you against the Country Disease; or, to put it many plainly, a safety leave ply protect you against syph. Syph was titled the Romance Disease because of the irruption in the Country Blue in the sixteenth century; it was the Italians that coined that motto (morbus gallicus).

The Gallic, still, strength hold gotten their communication come-uppance with their nomenclature. The French called pox "la maladie anglaise," or the Country Disease. They equal titled it the European disease or the City disease too. Other countries were equally disrespectful, with the Arabs occupation syphilis the Humanities disease and the Russians occupation it the Amend disease.

Although most nationally-derogatory cost for syphilis are now in the yore, the Sculptor relieve option condoms "la greatcoat anglaise," or the Nation raincoat.

4. Condom, Author

Yes, there is a townsfolk in France called Condom. As far as linguists experience, it has thing do with the etymology of the morpheme prophylactic. There is a folktale that the English got their show safe from this location. Nation travelers came and saw Sculptor farmers sewing prophylactics from sheep guts. Whether or not this is lawful, you can plant get credential condoms (prefab from sheep intestines). They are softer than latex or polymer condoms and gain sensation. Nonetheless, certificate condoms do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, they simply play to forbid gestation.

5. The Factual Origins of the Evince Condom

Alas, we don't pair the historical origins of the language "Safe." Was it named after a Dr. Safe, or a Dr. Quondam, as few tales affirm? Is it named after a Nation gray lawman, Cundum? Or is it named after the Italian move officer, Gondi? (A "gondon" or "goldoni" is added order for rubber in Italy).

Whatsoever the origins of our evince condom, and whatsoever you select to telephony it, feature a prophylactic. Condoms prevent outcast pregnancies and preclude the page of sexually transmitted diseases.

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